Joe Biden and his family
Joe Biden and his family Reuters

A new poll by Politico/Morning Consult poll finds that Republicans' trust in the electoral system has plummeted following last week's presidential election, with 70% of Republicans saying that they do not believe that the election was free and fair.

This is a doubling from the 35% of Republicans who held similar opinions prior to the election.

Among Democrats, 90% felt that the election was free and fair, up from 52% who believed the election would be free and fair before the election.

Among Republican voters who thought the election was unfair and free, 78% believed that mail in ballots were contributing to widespread election fraud, while 72% believed there was fraud at the polls.

Among Republican voters who took part in the poll, 84% said that voter fraud helped Biden. Before Election Day 18% of Republican voters claimed they would not trust the results because the results would not be credible. Now, that number has soared to 64%.

62% of Republicans said the results in Pennsylvania were unreliable, while 55% distrust the results in Wisconsin, 54% distrust the results in Michigan and Arizona, and 52% distrust the results in Georgia.