Extinguishing the fire in Asahel on Wednesday morning
Extinguishing the fire in Asahel on Wednesday morning Spokesperson

A month following a fire that broke out in the community of Havat Gilad, a similar tragedy in Asahel was narrowly averted.

On Wednesday morning, the central fuse box that provides electricity to the entire community caught fire. Fortunately, one of the residents noticed smoke emerging from the fuse box and alerted the community’s emergency response team in time to prevent the fire from spreading.

The fire was quickly put out, but now the community is left without electricity, with residents hoping that power will be restored by nightfall.

Just last week, the Land of Israel lobby held an emergency debate, with the participation of dozens of MKs, requesting the regularization of young communities such as Asahel, enabling tens of thousands of residents to receive basic services such as proper connection to infrastructure (electricity and water).

Elazar Shapira, head of the Asahel community council, said this morning that, “Around 70 families live in the community, and none of us have electricity now, with no way of knowing when power will be restored. Asahel’s residents are all law-abiding citizens, regular people with professions, but the electrical infrastructure that serves them is fit for a third-world country. This morning, we received another painful reminder of our status, when only due to the alertness of one of our residents was a major tragedy averted. We call on the government to make an immediate decision on regularizing the community of Asahel and the other young communities,” he concluded.