Barack Obama and Joe Biden
Barack Obama and Joe BidenReuters

For all these four years there was a sense of warmth and comfort knowing that Israel was going to be all right so long as Trump was in office.

Israel…certainly America…would be tucked in safely so long as Trump was boss. No more sleepless nights with John Kerry and the entire Obama gang on the prowl.

That nightmare was over. So we thought. So I thought, and I guess I should speak for myself since mine are entirely private views.

So that’s how it was during the dark days when nearly every Democrat was Israel’s judge and executioner… and no need to mention Omar and the Squad.

That was to be done. Finished. Old Business. Never to come around again. It did not occur to me…it dared not occur to me…that here we go again.

We celebrated Israel without fear of being placed on an enemies’ list – which is being developed by AOC and her crew, even as we speak.
If indeed Biden wins, the same people are BACK…and coming with a vengeance. They will be coming with scores to settle.

They won’t be happy until all debts are paid.

A perfect storm is coming.

Say it ain’t so? But it is.

I am already nostalgic. Like Young Love that only happens once, I miss those four golden years when between Trump and Israel it was nearly all honeymoon. I thought it would go on forever, forgetting that presidents and administrations come and go. But not this one, I believed. This one would stay. At least four more years. How silly of me, I know.

But that’s how comfortable I felt knowing Trump was in office and all is right with the world. Before that, everything was so wrong.

We had been through eight years of curses. How about an equally long run of blessings?

Along came Trump. Thank G-d. Thank G-d. Thank G-d.

No harm could come to the Jewish State so long as Trump was its Night Watchman. Over and over again he proved himself more than a friend, but as Israel’s brother.

It’s the kind of older brother who puts his arm around you, and says, “Don’t worry, kid, I’m always at your side.”

Yes, he was…and speaking of Trump in the past tense is verily heartbreaking.

By only a few thousand (suspicious) votes, the world is turned upside-down. Though the media would rather you ignore the recounts that could change everything back again, and set the world straight again.

Like Gary Cooper in “High Noon,” Trump was that lonesome figure who acted heroically for Israel while the rest of the town cravenly fell away, one by one, and deserted him.

He would be Israel’s cowboy…traditionally the mythic he-man who in one person reflects the ideal American.

A reader writes: “I always thought I was stronger than I feel now, but the thought of Biden, Harris, the Clintons and Obamas, the Schiffs and Schumers all partying with the Ayatollas and Abbas, ....the licking of chops by all those who literally own Biden and Harris .... it\'s tough to stomach.”

Do you understand what he means? Of course you do. So do I, particularly the thought on strength, and how at this terrible moment strength has been taken from us.

Taken from me, for sure.

Trump at my side, I felt free to take on all of Israel’s enemies, and I felt safe to express my love for Israel cheerfully, full-throated and unconditionally.

I knew the informers were watching. But they did not have the power. Trump had the power. So I had the power. So we all had the power who bled and rejoiced for Israel.

We celebrated Israel without fear of being placed on an enemies’ list – which is being developed by AOC and her crew, even as we speak.

This will take some getting used to…a world without Trump, nor pity.

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