Anne Pollard, the ex-wife of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, responded tonight (Tuesday) in a conversation with Arutz Sheva to rumors on social media that President Trump has decided that next Friday the restrictions on Jonathan Pollard will end.

Anne, who was detained along with Jonathan and spent several years in a U.S. jail, noted that she, too, has been exposed to rumors but has yet to receive any official update.

"I have not heard anything official about it," she says, "it's been five years and I'm really waiting anxiously."

Since Pollard was released from prison in late 2015, he has been in what is defined as a "probationary period", in which he is subject to severe restrictions, in view of the offenses for which he was convicted and for which he served time in prison.

Among the restrictions imposed on Pollard are the obligation to live in a certain area of ​​New York and not to leave it, the monitoring of it through electronic restraint, night house arrest, and more.

These restrictions also prevent Pollard from leaving the United States and immigrating to Israel, a move he is apparently interested in.

However, the five-year probation period is expected to end on Friday next week, and if U.S. security officials do not demand their renewal the restrictions will expire.

Another possibility is that President Trump will answer Prime Minister Netanyahu's request and as part of the steps he will take towards the end of his term, will grant Pollard a pardon, thus preventing the renewal of the probationary period. Rumors on the subject have been circulating on social media for the past day, but official confirmation of this possibility has not yet been given.