BennettOren Ben Hakoon/POOL

Yamina Chairman Naftali Bennett today in a speech in the Knesset plenum attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the way he is dealing with COVID-19.

"Prime Minister Netanyahu stood here before and described with great pride the accordion method of managing the plague," Bennett was quoted as saying, "We open a little, let businesses go up and then the morbidity goes up, we close - the morbidity goes down."

He said, "This is Prime Minister Netanyahu's amazing method. 'Accordion'. He does not understand that there are businesses in the middle that he's crushing over and over again. Only someone who's never run a business in his life could invent a stupid, cruel, and unwise method like the 'accordion'.

"How should a restaurant function? To buy meat or not to buy meat? Because maybe they'll close again soon and it's impossible to keep meat for a long time. How should a hotel function? Do you know how long it takes to reopen a hotel?

"Only those who never maintained a profit/loss balance in their lives can speak proudly about 'accordions'," he added.

Bennett added, "Talk about the 'accordion' to Keren Shemesh, a disabled athlete who owns a Pilates institute. It's their oxygen. It's their prayer. She begs: 'Talk to us.' The government tells them that they're allowed to train outside with ten people, but are forbidden to receive a shekel for it.

"What is this policy? What is this opacity?" Bennett shouted, "We are 10 months into COVID-19. Have you not had time to hear them and talk to them? A man isn't allowed to make a living? These are decrees that the public cannot abide.

"So Mr. Prime Minister. Not an accordion - management! You and Gantz stop with the tug-of-war. Transfer a budget already! Why are you being paid? For politics? For patting yourselves on the back? This accordion is destroying Israel. Wake up," he concluded.

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