Eyal Greenbaum donating Seeach Sod
Eyal Greenbaum donating Seeach SodArutz Sheva

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With the coronavirus crisis ravaging Jewish communities in Israel and around the world, businessman Eyal Greenbaum and his wife Shoshi recently decided to dedicate a Torah scroll to young people with disabilities at the "Otzar HaTorah" yeshiva of the "Seeach Sod" special ed. organization helping children integrate into the Beit Shemesh community.

"I have been dealing with medical equipment for 28 years and decided that a time like this, when we are all required to help one another, we should to donate protective equipment to institutions and people in need," Greenbaum told Arutz Sheva.

He said, "I turned to a representative of the association and we made a list of things the community would need. When I arrived, she introduced me to the director of the organization. He thanked me for all the help and asked: 'How about donating half a Torah scroll?' He literally burst into an open door because the day before I was talking with my wife and asked her how she felt about donating a Torah scroll in honor of our parents."

"I asked the director for a little time to think things over and two days later, let him know I'd take him up on his offer. This is the second scroll we are donating. Shortly before the coronavirus struck, we delivered a Torah scroll in memory of our relative who was killed in a car accident at a yeshiva in Kochav Hashahar. For us, donating a Torah scroll to Seeach Sod is a way of coming full circle."

Greenbaum has worked with Seeach Sod for many years. "They have people with a heart of gold there," he says. "There are children and teenagers from all walks of life who've been given a second chance. Rabbi Shimon Levy and his staff have an enormous mission ahead of them. I think that donating a Torah scroll to such an institution is a very great privilege. I think the Creator of the world sent us a unique opportunity to make this happen."

Greenbaum called on all Jews to join him on his quest. "I appeal to all my friends and all Jews around the world: The Creator of the world gave us the coronavirus and we have no idea why, but we have the opportunity to help each other and finish this Torah scroll. Seeach Sod is a great enterprise and the Torah scroll unites everyone. We can spend 50 shekels in a bakery or grocery store, or we can spend double the amount on the Torah scroll and it will provide everyone great emotional satisfaction," he says.

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