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First publication: Petitions were submitted to the Likud Supreme Court today seeking to cancel the elections held yesterday in the Likud Council for the position of World Likud chairman, as well as for the removal of Danny Danon, who was elected chairman of World Likud.

The petition for the cancellation of the election, the observance of the agreement and the contempt of court was submitted by MK Zohar, while the petition for the dismissal of Danon was submitted by other Likud elements.

The reason for the requests is an alleged violation of the order given yesterday by the Likud court, which sought to prevent the holding of elections in the World Likud.

Sources close to the movement's High Court estimate that the tribunal will accept the petitions filed today for the removal of Danon from the Likud movement, after Danon acted in violation of the court's order yesterday.

The same sources also claim that the Prime Minister is also interested in ousting Danon, after he defied him and acted to bring about the election of MK Miki Zohar as chairman of the World Likud.

Danon's election was made in violation of the compromise agreement reached between the hawkish parties in the Likud's representation in the national institutions, according to which MK Miki Zohar was to be elected to the position.

Sources in the Likud point out in this context that the attempt to change the Likud constitution in a way that subordinates the World Likud to Likud institutions, including the movement's High Court, was unsuccessful, and therefore the Likud court's restraining order was invalid, and holding elections therefore did not violate it.

Likud officials told Arutz Sheva that "the act of Danny Danon and Yaakov Hagoel will not be on the agenda. There is great anger in the Likud movement. In the near future we will change the Likud constitution. Danon has ended his political career."

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