Brit Milah held in Ben Gurion Airport terminal
Brit Milah held in Ben Gurion Airport terminalPhoto: Fattal

An Austrian Jew was invited to be the Sandak (the one who holds the baby during circumcision) at the brit milah of his grandson in Israel but it appeared that circumstances may have made his participation impossible.

Because of the corona pandemic, the grandfather was not allowed to enter Israel. His family, however, decided to turn to the Fattal hotel chain, hoping to save the day, since a Fattal hotel is located at the airport.

Sure enough, the hotel found a room for the grandfather, who then took a flight to Israel.

In the presence of the entire family, the brit milah was performed in a sterile environment at the terminal which made participation of the grandfather possible.

Immediately upon conclusion of the ceremony, the grandfather got on a plane and flew back to Austria.