Biden and Trump
Biden and TrumpREUTERS

Democratic candidate Joe Biden has taken the lead in Pennsylvania over President Trump.

Biden is leading by 5,594 votes, if he wins the state - he wins the presidency.

Trump needs to win Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes, otherwise he cannot win the elections.

Earlier today President Donald Trump’s lead in the key battleground state of Georgia was evaporated as the ballot count continues, with former Vice President Joe Biden now leading by nearly 1,000 votes.

According to the latest ballot count, Biden now leads the president by 917 votes out of a total of 4.9 million ballots tallied.

State officials say there are thousands of mail-in votes left to be counted, including several thousand ballots from Gwinnett County in the Atlanta area, a county which broke Hillary Clinton in 2016, after having backed Republicans in every election since 1980.

Georgia and its 16 electoral votes are key to Trump’s path to the 270 electoral votes needed to win reelection.

While Trump has gained ground on Biden in Arizona, with an estimated 90% of the vote counted already, Biden still leads Trump by about 46,000 votes.

In Nevada, Biden holds a slim 11,438-vote lead, with around 89% of the vote counted thus far.

Trump and his campaign have claimed massive fraud has skewed the results in a number of key states, vowing to challenge the inclusions of votes they say are illegal.