Arutz Sheva interviewed Heather Stone, Chairwoman of Democrats Abroad Israel, who said Israelis had no reason to fear a Biden presidency.

Stone called Biden a "true Zionist who said Israel should be invented if it didn't exist" and pointed out how during his tenure as chairman of the Senate's defense committee, "he's done amazing things for Israel's benefit..."

The Democrats Abroad chairwoman tried to assuage fears of Biden being influenced by members of "The Squad" and anti-Israel activists within the Democratic Party such as Bernie Sanders by pointing out that the former VP had adopted some of the stances of the "more progressive" members of his party, but remained steadfast when it came to foreign policy and his stance on Israel.

Stone stressed that Biden was "not the type of person" to renig on deals made by past administrations, pointing out that keeping the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem was part of the Democratic Party platform.

Asked how America would be able to heal if Biden came to power, Stone portrayed the Democratic candidate as someone who "represents all Americans," and "doesn't distinguish between 'Red states' and 'Blue states,' encouraging people to "embrace their shared values instead of fomenting division and hatred."

Addressing fears that "Biden would take us back to the Obama years," Stone claimed the situation in 2020 was "so different" due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and economic downturn, that Biden "would not try to place a square wheel into a round peg," apparently referencing Obama's efforts to bring the PA to the negotiating table instead of engaging potential regional partners.