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The Coronavirus Cabinet on Thursday evening approved an amendment to the regulations that will allow the opening of stores starting this coming Sunday at 6:00 p.m.

The regulations allow for the opening of stores, except for stores located in an indoor mall or in a non-indoor mall that includes over 20 stores and businesses.

According to the regulations, only up to four customers will be allowed in a store at a time. Violation of the regulations will be considered a criminal offense.

As for B & Bs, it was decided to increase the number of accommodation units allowed to operate simultaneously in each complex to six units, each hosting only a nuclear family.

Earlier, outgoing Coronavirus Czar Prof Ronni Gamzu said that morbidity rates have been rising in the Arab sector and that the trend of declining morbidity overall had stalled.

"There are several thousand patients in Israel who, as long as we do not find them, [will cause] the coefficient of infection will soar upwards. We need a lot more tests or a lockdown, and we do not want a lockdown," Gamzu said.

The Coronavirus Czar warned: "The possibility of opening up for relief has come to a halt. It is difficult to complete the process at this stage according to the outline set. Nevertheless it has been determined that the street shops will be opened and this decision is the least bad option."

''I call on local authorities and health funds to take action to increase the number of tests. "Every day about 40,000 tests are done, although the system can do about 100,000," Gamzu said.

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