Ayoub Kara
Ayoub KaraFlash 90

Druze Former Minister and Likud Knesset Member Ayoub Kara berated American Jewry for supporting Democratic leader Joe Biden: "It feels a great disappointment that 72% of American Jewry have no gratitude and chose Joe Biden."

Kara added, "I was expecting sweeping support for President Trump, who is the best American president the State of Israel has ever had. The 'betrayal' by the venerable American Jewry of Israel-lover President Trump reminds me of a recurring phenomenon and who like me has experienced it; it's time to take stock."

In conclusion, he wrote, "I'm not ashamed or even sugar-coating. American Jews should have chosen Trump by overwhelming majority because a strong state of Israel is the only guarantee for the security of the Jews in Israel and in the world."

Meanwhile, the Democratic presidential candidate is 17 electors away from the 270 he needs to win, if he wins the states of Arizona and Nevada or Georgia. In contrast, President Trump currently stands at 214 electors.

Clashes broke out last night in New York and Portland between police and rioters who opposed President Trump's intention to stop the vote count in several key states.

In New York, police arrested more than a dozen protesters during a march that crossed downtown Manhattan. The protesters called for the vote count to be completed.