Technician checks COVID-19 tests
Technician checks COVID-19 tests Flash 90

The National Information and Knowledge Center for the Battle Against COVID-19 of Military Intelligence projects that in a short time we will see an increase in COVID-19 morbidity in Israel.

The Center's daily report states that data from recent days "clearly indicate a halt in the decline in morbidity and thus an increase in the infection rate at the national level."

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"If current trends continue, in light of the relief that has been implemented and that on the table, a re-increase in morbidity is expected in the near future," they added.

The Center says the weekly average of new patients in critical condition and of the deceased is lower than the average last week, but mentions that these indices "respond" to changes in the level of infection later than the new verified index.

The Center speaks in this context of increased risk of COVID-19 infection with the onset of winter, due to the tendency to crowd into closed spaces during this period.