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New York Times Op-Ed columnist Tom Friedman today spoke to Galei Tzahal and said the election results did not reflect a wave of moral indignation against President Donald Trump.

Hostess Ilana Dayan asked Friedman if he can acknowledge the fact that Trump may have lost, but that almost half of the nation decided not to oust him from the White House.

Friedman said: "Biden may have won, but there was no moral wave of 'no' against Trump."

He also said that if Trump does win, he is not sure he will "be able" to continue as a columnist and a journalist, "however, I woke up this morning and the sun was shining a little."

Friedman explained to host Ilana Dayan that America is changing from a country with a white majority to a country with a "majority of minorities" and the large support for Trump comes from the feeling that he will "protect the white majority".

Friedman didn't end the interview without delivering a parting barb, saying an election loss for Trump may be a blow to his honor, and also to his pocket, "so he'll do anything to maintain power. Like another leader who is near to you."