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It is a very fair question: What kind of sore-losing idiot would suspect the Democrats of voter fraud?

The Answer: A remarkably sensible, adequately intelligent, reasonably skeptical idiot — with a graduate degree in American history, who knows what Democrats in this country have done in previous elections. (Yes, besides my rabbinic ordination from the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary of Yeshiva University and my Juris Doctor degree from UCLA Law School, I also have a graduate degree in American history. Moreover, I voluntarily live in the People’s Republic of California, so I qualify as an idiot. And I have studied what Democrats have done.)

It may well be that President Trump just barely lost the 2020 Presidential election by one electoral vote out of 538. If he won Pennsylvania, he got 268. Had he won that extra elector out of Nebraska, the 269-269 tie would have forced the decision into the House, where each state delegation — not each individual Congressional representative — gets one vote. The GOP has majorities in more state delegations. End of that story.

Moreover, the Republicans held the Senate, winning the national plebiscite on the selection and confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court. And the GOP flipped a bucketful of House seats, a testimony to two years of Nancy Pelosi and The Squad now defining the face of the House Democrats. Expect the GOP to finish reconquering the House in 2022.

So was there fraud in the Presidential voting, as President Trump alleges?

Maybe not.

  • Maybe no mail ballots were forged in the way that monetary currency can be counterfeited. It is, after all, so much harder to counterfeit pieces of paper than to counterfeit federal currency, right?
  • Maybe no votes were cast by harvesters in states that prohibit vote harvesting.
  • Maybe no Democrats voted twice.
  • Maybe no mail-in ballots were cast by dead people, ineligible voters, Illegals, or by Christopher Steele.
  • Maybe they all were post-marked timely.
  • Maybe they all were counted honestly.
  • Maybe no stacks of ballots from Republican strongholds were lost, misplaced, or missing because, if the Post Office were not famously as perfect as it is, we today would have a wide assortment of competing private companies delivering mail more reliably and profitably, although charging higher rates, companies with names that I imagine might be like United Parcel Service, Federal Express, Old Dominion, Eagle Express, and Uncle Mike and Aunt Tillie.

Or maybe there was fraud.

Writing in The Federalist, John Daniel Davidson, their political editor, did such an excellent job laying out the first volley of counter-attack that it is worth a read — and there is no point in my even summarizing it, it is so damning.

The truth is — since we get so little of that valuable commodity from the corrupt left-wing media — that Democrats have cheated before.

The Democrats probably stole Richard Nixon’s 1960 Presidential election by “finding” just enough votes in Richard Daley’s Chicago and in Lyndon Johnson’s Texas, fabricating them as fast as they could all night long until they had just enough to “elect” John Kennedy. Although that Kennedy brother was the last Democrat in the White House who ultimately stood up effectively to Communists and other American foes, and followed capitalist principles encouraging a robust economy, he did not deserve to be elected — because he lost.

The Democrats cheated in Boss Richard Daley’s Chicago and in Landslide Lyndon’s Texas, and they stole it from Nixon. (Interesting how “karma” plays out: In the end, (i) Kennedy never serves a full term, (ii) Johnson goes down in ignominy, driven out by early primaries within his own party; (iii) Johnson’s tenure marks the beginning of the end of Democrat dominance in Texas, (iv) Nixon ultimately becomes President anyway, and (v) Nixon gets elected because Richard Daley’s autocracy in Chicago results in mass chaos at the 1968 Democrat convention.)

The Democrats also stole the U.S. Senate seat held by Republican Norm Coleman in Minnesota in 2008, giving it to Al Franken. Franken “won” by 312 votes though Coleman came out of the election with a 725-vote win. A series of recounts over the next six months, including votes cast by some 400 or more prohibited convicted felons, swung the election to the guy with the filthy mind and busy hands. In the best of respectable RINO fashion, Coleman was too dignified to contest the outcome further. (Interesting how “karma” plays out: In the end, Franken gets booted out of the Senate anyway — by his own party, the same cheaters who put him in — for doing only a fraction of what the party’s most revered leader at the same time, Bill Clinton, did many times over and so much more criminally.)

The Democrats likewise stole Republican Ted Stevens’s U.S. Senate seat in Alaska in 2008. Fabricated corruption charges were brought against Sen Stevens in bad faith. When Stevens was convicted only one week before the 2008 elections, Alaskan voters became unglued in their igloos, lost their once-strait Berings, and they voted him out. Soon after the election, it emerged that the entire prosecution had been corrupt, and the judge threw out all the charges.

In the words of Judge Emmet Sullivan — no friend of the Republican party: “In nearly 25 years on the bench, I’ve never seen anything approaching the mishandling and misconduct that I’ve seen in this case.” But Stevens’s seat had been lost to Democrat Mark Begich. No one got to schedule a “do-over.” Six prosecutors later were investigated. The lead prosecutor was exposed and left the government. Another committed suicide before the investigation was complete. (Interesting how “karma” plays out: In the end, Begich got voted out after one term and later lost a comeback bid to become Alaska governor.)

For the past century, Democrats have been at the center of electoral cheating and thievery. Not all Democrats, obviously — one cannot fairly generalize that broadly. But virtually every stolen major election since the turn of the last century lies at the feet of Democrats.

In 1956 they stole the Rhode Island governorship when incumbent Democrat Gov. Dennis Roberts manipulated votes after Republican challenger Chris Del Sesto beat him. He turned Rhode Island into Rogue Island.

In 2004, the Democrats cheated to give the governorship of Washington State to Christine Gregoire over Republican Dino Rossi.

Through it all, the Democrats have been emboldened by Republicans’ weak and timid responses after being cheated by election grand theft. Nixon absorbed it. He “took it like a man.” Or — more correctly — like a Republican: tail between legs, hoodwinked, cheated, and quietly making for the egress. So did Norm Coleman — so genteel. Rossi, too. They just let themselves get held up at the election bank, gave up their wallets, and generously offered the crooks their shirts, too. As if saying: “Heck, go ahead and you even can take my trousers. People will respect me for being a good loser.”

Just like the psycho mother portrayed by Anthony Perkins in the last scene of the Hitchcock thriller, as she opts not to swat away the annoying fly because she wants bystanders to see she is genteel. Why, a cheated Republican “wouldn’t even harm a fly.” Thus the difference between a RINO that slumps and a rhino that stomps.

President Trump was not genteel on Tuesday night when he accused the electoral system of being corrupt. The usual media elites jumped in to say he had done something horrible, as he called into question America’s much-vaunted system of voting. New Jersey’s former Republican governor, Chris Christie, threw in the weight of his perspective that Trump had crossed a line. The same Christie who sometimes hugs an Obama weeks before a Presidential election or who falls flat while delivering the keynote address at a Republican national convention. So genteel. So civil. So out of office.

Well, if America’s election system were what it should be, lots of Trump supporters would have recoiled at the President’s words and joined that chorus of condemnation. But the whole election system, from top to bottom, is rife with corruption. The whole system stinks. For example, ABC-TV and the Washington Post published a poll near election day that Trump would lose Wisconsin by 17 points. Seventeen points. Either that is corrupt or it is malpractice beyond recklessness — or both.

Many of those polls were aimed at achieving voter suppression. There is a reason that a rule has emerged that even the corrupt leftist media do not announce actual voting results on Election Day until a respective state’s polls have closed. They know that any slight announcement can result in voter suppression because many people will reconsider casting their ballots and will choose not to bother voting if they believe their candidate’s chances are impossible. Not this time. We saw polls out of battleground states that put Trump and Republican Senate candidates behind by seven, eight, even ten or more points — even though the races actually proved to be neck-and-neck.

How is it fair that half the votes have been cast a month before the other votes, before the candidates have rallied and addressed the voters? The Founding Fathers were wary of a population that could be hoodwinked and corrupted that easily, so they created an electoral college as an intermediary check on the presidential voting.
Those suppression polls very probably are the only reason that John James may not have won the U.S. Senate seat in Michigan. They may have cost Trump the few thousand extra votes in states like Michigan and Wisconsin that would have made his victories fraud-proof. Of course it is corruption — not merely incompetence — when all the major mistakes tilt one way. And it’s not like the pollsters had not learned about the “shy Trump voter” they missed in their 2016 prognostications.

What really stinks most is that Republicans, by offering the better program, always win over a wide majority of voters who actually know what is going on and who have skin in the game. People who not only have payroll taxes deducted at work to get it back later via their personal FICA retirement and who pay sales taxes on their purchases, but who also sit down and pay annual income taxes. They have skin in the game; the decisions matter because they will have to pay the country’s bills.

The Democrats never can win that mainstream normative voting bloc, so they keep adding new uninformed, non-invested voters to change the playing field. So they extended voting to age 18 even though a majority of 18-year-olds do not know what is flying — just engage them in a light discussion of economics or American history or Constitutional civics. They truly have no idea. I know; I teach the best of them when they get to law school three years later. They have absolutely no idea how the system of federalism works, the checks and balances. Utterly clueless.

To that batch of clueless new voters the Democrats next try to add Illegal Immigrants by extending amnesties, and then they bring in more Illegals to prepare for the next amnesty, even as Biden now promises to add 11 million more to the voting rolls. Next, looking for more Stacey Abrams voters, they add felons. In California — and soon coming to a theater near you — they now are trying to lower the voting age another notch by adding 17-year-olds. And they have institutionalized the madness and unfairness of early voting that actually allows people to vote before the candidates even have had their debates and before the heavy advertising and campaign stops allow voters to educate themselves a bit. Then they innovate mailing to all voters unsolicited mail ballots, further maximizing the Uninformed Vote, and then they try to legalize vote harvesting so that local college kids can volunteer to go to people’s homes, “help them” fill out their ballots, and then drop the votes in the ballot box or destroy them — depending on what they were able to contrive.

This is not how a fair election works. The whole system stinks. If Jim Crow was an Evil in a prior century, we now have John Vulture. How is it fair that half the votes have been cast a month before the other votes, before the candidates have rallied and addressed the voters? America’s Founding Fathers were wary of a population that could be hoodwinked and corrupted that easily, so they created an electoral college as an intermediary check on the presidential voting, and they reserved to the state legislatures the voting for United States Senators. That system was not perfect either, but it was not the sham that we now have with way-early voting, unsolicited mail ballots, vote harvesting, felons voting, ignoramus kids who don’t know how we became an independent country or even how to count the number of amendments in the Constitution casting ballots that will impact American workers’ income taxes, America’s energy industry, the country’s domestic safety and national defense.

And let us wait till another column to share a word about the idiots who run candidates on the Libertarian line, effectively costing small-government Republicans the two percent of votes that result in big-government, high-tax Democrats / Labor Socialists controlling our lives, imploding our energy grids until we are driven onto forced brown-outs, all while raising our taxes and reducing our freedoms. Ralph Nader and Jill Stein did it to the Democrats, robbing their candidates of precious votes in tight presidential elections, and we now have Libertarians who cannot grasp that Dagny Taggart, Howard Roark, and Kira Argounova all would have been voting for Trump and shipping Jo Jorgenson one-way to Galt’s Gulch via the United States Postal Service, wrapped in a California unsolicited mail ballot marked “Do Not Return to Sender.”

All one can ask for now is the best psephologists in the conservative world to join up with the best Republican election-law attorneys to demand a recount of every single vote, ballot by ballot, like that thing in Florida where that guy with the oversized magnifying glass studied every chad. We have the time. It is more than ten weeks until January 21. Start recounting.

Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer is adjunct professor of law at two prominent Southern California law schools, Senior Rabbinic Fellow at the Coalition for Jewish Values, congregational rabbi of Young Israel of Orange County, California, and has held prominent leadership roles in several national rabbinic and other Jewish organizations. He was Chief Articles Editor of UCLA Law Review, clerked for the Hon. Danny J. Boggs in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, and served for most of the past decade on the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America. His writings have appeared in The Weekly Standard, National Review, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Jerusalem Post, American Thinker, Frontpage Magazine, and Israel National News. Other writings are collected at .