Bennett at Israel Prize ceremony
Bennett at Israel Prize ceremonyFlash 90

The chairman of the Yamina party, MK Naftali Bennett, met today, Wednesday, with Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

The meeting between the two dealt with security issues and concern for lone soldiers.

However, Likud sources claimed that the purpose of the two was coordination in an attempt to undermine the unity government. According to them, "Bennett joined forces with Blue and White to lead the people of Israel to elections."

The Yamina party refuted the allegations. "Netanyahu's aides continue to engage in spin and politics at the expense of the needs of Israeli citizens."

"MK Naftali Bennett met with Benny Gantz over matters of security and assistance to lone soldiers who have been left homeless. Members of Yamina will continue to meet with anyone needed to take care of the citizens of Israel."

"We suggest that the Likud stop the discourse of hatred and start worrying that we aren't the country that is noted also for a third lockdown," the party responded.