Trump and Biden
Trump and Biden REUTERS

Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to cut into President Donald Trump’s lead in the battleground state of Michigan, leaving the president with roughly a half a point margin over the Democratic challenger.

Just 26,443 votes currently separate the two candidates, with Trump still slightly ahead of Biden with 49.4% of the vote in Michigan (or 2,406,691 votes), with an estimated 86% of the vote counted, compared to 48.9% for Biden, or 2,380,248 votes.

Michigan, with its 16 electoral votes, is crucial for Trump to reach the 270 electoral votes needed to win the election.

Trump already trails Biden in Wisconsin, where an estimated 95% of the vote has been counted – though the estimate of the total vote has been raised repeatedly during the vote count, as more mail in ballots were counted.

Biden currently leads Trump by 0.7 points in Wisconsin, or just under 21,000 votes.

In Nevada, Biden leads Trump by just over 7,500 votes, or 0.6 points. The vote count has been halted in Nevada until 11:00 a.m. local time.

Without Arizona, which both the Associated Press and Fox News have called for Biden, Trump must win either Michigan, Wisconsin, or Nevada, in addition to Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina.

Trump currently leads in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina, though all three states are considered too close to call.

An estimated 75% of the vote has been counted in Pennsylvania, leaving about 1.4 million mail-in votes left to be counted.

As the vote counting progresses, the betting markets increasingly favor Biden, returning roughly to their pre-election levels.

Biden is now given a 68.4% chance of winning, compared to 31.6% for Trump, down from 72.7% overnight, after Trump was declared the winner in Florida.