Rabbi Avi Berman
Rabbi Avi Berman Yoni Kempinski

Today's presidential election in the United States will probably be decided by the swing states such as Florida, Pennsylvania and a few others.

Rabbi Avi Berman, the chairman of OU Israel, explained in a Hebrew interview with Arutz Sheva about American Jewish voting patterns.

"In previous elections studies show that the majority of Jews voted for Democrats because, as it were, engraved on their banner values that are appropriate for Jews such as caring for the weak", Rabbi Berman explained.

"Many vote Republican because of many other good reasons such as the Iran deal and the moving of the Embassy", Rabbi Berman added.

According to Rabbi Berman, many Jews in North America that he is talking to these days hope that no matter what the outcome of the elections there will be no quarrels but that America should stand united and proud of their democratic country.