U.S. President Donald Trump opened Election Day with a phone interview with Fox News, in which he spoke his mind regarding his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden.

Trump denied reports that he will announce victory tonight, even if the picture of victory is not unequivocal: "We'll declare when there is a victory, if there is; I think we'll win, but we'll announce only when there's a victory, there's no reason to play games."

"Joe Biden isn't 'prime time,' he doesn't know where he is - confuses Ohio and Iowa; it's hard for him, he shouldn't be put in that situation," Trump sympathized.

He said, "If there are riots, they'll be in Democratic cities like Chicago, Portland, or New York. There are extremist people there. There are police and administration there who aren't dealing with the problem."

The President said "I have a good chance of winning," and estimated that he would get more electors from the previous election in 2016.

To date, more than 100 million people have voted in the United States presidential election, by ballot and by mail. This is a very high figure considering that in the previous elections in 2016 a total of 136 million Americans voted.

Former Knesset Member and Israeli Ambassador to the United States Dr. Michael Oren today spoke about his gut feeling and estimate regarding the results of the U.S. presidential election.

Oren said in a Kan Moreshet interview that he thinks Trump will win another term even though he will get fewer popular votes overall, but will win in states and in the number of electors. "While Biden will win the popular vote, Trump will win the electoral vote."

He said that although the polls point to significant Biden advantage, "they cannot be trusted. There's a very interesting/disturbing phenomenon that Americans define as 'Trump shyness.' It's a secret until they get to the polls and the polls show what they want. It's not reflected in any of the polls."

Oren said a Biden election to the presidency would present a problem to Israel.

Economically, he says, COVID-19 forfeited the deck of cards President Trump held before the epidemic when the economy had improved, but Dr. Oren explained that despite the crisis the economy is still on a positive trend.