Benny Gantz (left) and PM Netanyahu
Benny Gantz (left) and PM NetanyahuTal Shahar

Following Monday’s revelations that Blue & White party head Benny Gantz has utterly despaired of ever becoming Prime Minister under the rotation agreement that was central to the formation of the unity government, Gantz has reportedly threatened to force all members of his party to submit to a lie detector test, Behadrey Haredim reports, in order to discover the source of the leaks.

On Monday, Channel 12’s Dafna Liel published extensive quotations from a faction meeting of the Blue & White party, including the shocking admission by Gantz that Netanyahu could not be trusted to keep his word.

The report described how the party was split into two opposing camps, with one insisting that the government should be dismantled immediately even if that meant holding another round of elections, and the other counseling patience even if the state budget was delayed for a month beyond its current December deadline.

“No one can trust what Bibi [PM Netanyahu] says,” one MK stated, and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi agreed. “If we give way on the issue of the budget, it’s the end of the Blue & White party,” he said. “I came here to be part of the alternative [to Bibi] and now we realize that he has absolutely no intention of honoring the rotation agreement. In that case, we need to break up the coalition right now.”

However, several of Blue & White’s ministers protested, with MK Yankelevich saying that “Going to elections now would be suicide.”

“Think about what the alternative to this government is,” added Minister Yehiel Tropper. “A government of Bibi and [Yamina party head Naftali] Bennett. We have to be responsible about this.”

As for party head Benny Gantz, he was obviously in a quandary: “I’ve come to the realization that the rotation isn’t going to happen,” he said, but, “I want a functioning government. If there’s a way to achieve that, we’ll stay in the government – but if not, I’m ready to lose my seat as the price to pay for going to elections.”

Following the Channel 12 report, Gantz was reportedly furious, and demanded that his party’s members submit to a polygraph test. The response was indignant, and Liel quoted several Blue & White MKs as saying that, “Someone here forgot that we’re in politics, not on the General Staff.”

Writing on Twitter, Liel added: “All the same, I don’t think Blue & White MKs have anything to worry about. This is a well-known stratagem of Gantz and every time he makes such an attack, the leaks only increase. And what happens then? Maybe it’s a recipe for promotion – after all, MK Omer Yankelevitch [of Blue & White] failed a previous polygraph test, and today she’s a minister in the unity government.”