President Donald J. Trump
President Donald J. Trump Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour

President Donald Trump now narrowly leads former Vice President Joe Biden in multiple battleground states, according to polling data released by the Trafalgar Group Monday and Tuesday morning.

The polls show support for the president surging in some battleground states, including Nevada, where Trump lost to Hillary Clinton four years ago.

The latest Trafalgar poll, released Tuesday morning, gives Trump a razor-thin 0.7-point lead over Biden in Nevada, with Trump polling at 49.1% to Biden’s 48.4%.

That marks a 3-point swing in Trump’s favor over the last few days.

The previous Trafalgar Group poll, conducted on October 29th, showed Biden leading Trump 49.4% to 47.1%.

This is the first time this year that Trump has led Biden in a Nevada poll.

Of the 1,088,775 ballots already cast in Nevada, 39.5% have been cast by registered Democrats, with 36.1% cast by registered Republicans.

A second poll released by Trafalgar Tuesday morning shows Trump with a 2.1-point lead over Biden in Florida, 49.4% to 47.3%.

A third poll released Tuesday morning gives Trump a 4.3-point lead in Georgia, just under the 5-point margin Trump won the state by in 2016. According to the poll, Trump is projected to win the state 49.7% to 45.4%.

In Pennsylvania, Trump holds a 1.9-point lead, 47.8% to 45.9%, according to a poll released Monday evening by Trafalgar.

In Ohio, Trump leads by 4.8 points, 49.2% to 44.4% - far below the eight-point margin he won the state by in 2016.

Trump also leads Biden in Michigan, with 48.3% to Biden’s 45.8%.

In North Carolina, Trump has a slightly narrower lead of 2.1 points, 48.6% to 46.5%.