Sivan Ohayon
Sivan OhayonYoni Kempinski

Sivan Ohayon, the widow of the late Rabbi Shai Ohayon and a member of the "Choosing Life" forum of bereaved families, said in response to the demolition of the house of the terrorist who murdered her husband that:

"We are happy that the demolition of the terrorist's house was facilitated and strengthen and embrace the security forces who are sacrificing their lives to protect the residents of Israel."

"We will not be silent and we will not restrain ourselves over Jewish blood that is shed just because of ingrained hatred - we have been silent for too many years!"

"We must open our eyes and stop turning the other cheek."

"An enemy stands in front of us who gives the feeling he is a victim and poor and we, out of great compassion, continue to support him and take care of him. In no other country in the world would they give it a place."

"We pray to G-d and ask for the truth every day as my husband has always asked for it, that we will be able to distinguish between good and evil and know how to direct our compassion and concern to the right, worthy and true places."

On Sunday, Israeli forces demolished the home of terrorist Khalil Doikat in the Samaria town of Rujeib.

Two months ago, Doikat murdered Rabbi Shai Ohayon in a stabbing attack in Petah Tikva.