Leading attorney and activist Yoram Sheftel addressed a heartfelt online message to his "brothers and sisters from America".

In a mix of English peppered with a not-rusty Yiddish, Sheftel offered his humble opinion that "although I'm an Israeli, and you all live in the United States, and are U.S. citizens as well but still as Jews, to my opinion, the most important thing to vote in an election of the president of the United States is his policy, if he's an incumbent or if he is not incumbent, what he suggests, what he promised to do as far as the relationship between Israel and the United States.

"Now as far as Donald Trump is concerned, there cannot be any argument that he's the best president since the establishment of the State of Israel, as far as his relationship with the state of Israel.

Some may wonder, maybe Truman is the best president ever since the establishment of the state of Israel? And the answer is unequivocally 'no'. It's true, Truman recognized the State of Israel less than 15 minutes after it was declared. but first of all it was a recognition de facto and not de jure and second, and most important, with his approval of the State of Israel, recognition of the State of Israel, he also put an embargo, an American embargo on selling arms to Israel, which was attacked the day after its Declaration of Independence by seven Arab States. And yet he imposed an embargo of arms sales U.S. embargo to the State of Israel, just born, and already attacked by seven Arab countries so he's definitely not the best president Israel ever had.

"Let's look at the record of Donald Trump as far as his acts towards the State of Israel. Donald Trump was the first president that recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, every Israeli which was born in Jerusalem, as far as the US, was not born at all in Israel if it was an American citizen on passport place of birth: Jerusalem; not Israel. Because all the American administrations, without exception, did not recognize not only Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but Jerusalem as part of Israel.

"And Donald Trump recognized, unequivocally, Jerusalem as the capital of Israel."

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