Prof. Ronni Gamzu
Prof. Ronni GamzuDavid Cohen/Flash 90

Outgoing coronavirus project manager Professor Ronni Gamzu predicted on Friday that a vaccine for the virus will be available in several months.

"I am confident that the companies, in the third and fourth phases, will make achievements and that the vaccine will arrive within three to six months," he said in an interview on the Ofira & Berkovic show which airs on Channel 12.

The project manager also commented on the achievements and failures in fulfilling his role and said, "There's one thing I feel bad about and that's the fact that we got into a second lockdown. But it prevented us from reaching a dangerous place."

“I really wanted to handle the coronavirus without a lockdown, but I must not deny the facts. I also do not share in the sentiments that the public does not cooperate, it is a public that carried a second lockdown on its back and I see the public cooperating. The public has shown extraordinary maturity and responsibility," said Gamzu.

Commenting on the difficulty in fulfilling the role, he said, "That's the hardest job. The decisions here are made in a state of uncertainty. You make tough decisions that affect people's lives. You sometimes have to make decisions on preventing a lockdown, make decisions on operating systems and make decisions that you know will cause people to go to hospitals. You have to know how to withstand pressure."

The interviewers noted that Gamzu was against a lockdown while the Prime Minister was in favor of one, and asked who made the final decision.

"I did. I was against it but I do not deny facts. 3,000 patients was a milestone I set in place. I had a hard time making the decision to lock down and I had a hard time recommending it, but the final word was mine."

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