ShiraFamily records

Shira Isakov of Mitzpe Ramon, who survived a murder attempt by her husband, Aviad Moshe, leaving her in critical condition, was released from Soroka Medical Center this evening (Thursday).

"I am embarking on a new life," she said. "I have a long way to go before the treatment is behind me, but I'm looking forward to starting afresh, more optimistic and stronger than ever."

Earlier this month, Aviad Moshe was arraigned on charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault against his wife allegedly committed on Rosh Hashanah Eve.

According to evidence provided in the indictment, an argument took place between the couple in wake of Shira's intent to divorce her husband and spend the holiday with her young child at her parents' home.

In the midst of the quarrel, Moshe reportedly assaulted Shira numerous times, hitting her with a rolling pin she used to make challah for the holiday, choked her, and proceeded to stab his partner with a kitchen knife, inflicting 20 stab wounds on various parts of her body.

The indictment states that Moshe attacked his wife calmly and systematically, taking breaks, and even engaging the neighbors in a conversation.

Shira was miraculously saved thanks in large part to the quick intervention of the neighbors who arrived at the scene after hearing cries emanating from the apartment.

The indictment further states that at the time the indictment was filed, Shira remained hospitalized, without a projected release date, requiring a lengthy and difficult rehabilitation process.

The prosecution has asked the judge in the trial to retain the presumable attacker in custody until the end of legal proceedings against him.