Dr Goldin (R) at yeaterday's panel
Dr Goldin (R) at yeaterday's panelGershon Ellison

As part of a special conference to mark the day of our Matriarch Rachel's passing, an event led by the Women in Green movement, the Higher Education Ministry, and the Gush Etzion Council, Blue and White MK Michal Kotler-Wench interviewed Dr. Leah Goldin, mother of KIA Lt. Hadar Goldin, on the role of the mother who carries with her hopes of comfort.

MK Kotler-Wensch opened by mentioning that our Matriarch Rachel is the quintessential one who refuses to be comforted, and from this stems her hope that sons will return to their border from an enemy land. "The inspiration and hope you give in your struggle to restore Hadar and the boys comes from the same place," she said, asking what Leah Goldin expects from each and every one of us as part of the struggle to return the boys.

"My first task was set by my parents," Goldin said. "I'm a daughter of Holocaust survivors who didn't study, and we made our parents' dreams come true and so I became an engineer. Later I came across the glass ceiling and chose an independent career as a consultant and academy teacher to live without bosses. In the last 6 years, I am in my third career that Hadar chose for me, and I have to meet very high expectations."

Kotler-Wensch noted in this context that each of us has the ability to act, and "in this place (Oz v'Gaon Reserve) there is a lot of talk about sovereignty, and it's very important to talk about sovereign consciousness."

Goldin noteed that as a normative family in which all the men were IDF officers, the Goldin family became accustomed to "working with the system," as she defined it, "and as promised to previous families, we were also promised that they would return Hadar to us. Rabbi Peretz headed the court that ruled Hadar killed and promised he'd guarantee Hadar's return. Six-and-a-half years have passed since then."

Later, Dr. Goldin recalls, two years later the agreement was signed with Turkey but did not include the return of Hadar and Oron while there was talk of rehabilitating the Gaza Strip, "a crisis of confidence has arisen," she says, adding that despite this crisis, she was taught not to throw up one's hands and give up, "but to return to the sources and say 'If I'm not for me, who will be for me?'"

The practical insight that emerges from this determination is a call to mobilize a women's force that will leverage feminine energies that contain power to solve complex problems, to bring about a solution to a reality that the men in responsible positions have not found. "I call on all mothers and all women to join us, to join forces and bring a solution to return the boys, to bring the values ​​to the right place."

"I appeal to all girls and believe that each in her place can do something and make an impact, and that can add up to a lot of power to solve the problem. I want to set up my army, with no foreign definitions of feminism or chauvinism but simply women," calls Leah Goldin, adding that mutual responsibility is a very natural element for women and mothers. "We have no ego. We need to join forces and say 'bring the boys home' loud and clear, and our action to return the boys is the first step in restoring values ​​of truth, faithfulness, and kindness, to return to who we are."

Addressing MK Kotler-Wensch, Dr. Goldin mentioned that thanks to her father, Prof. Erwin Kotler, she herself appeared before the UN Security Council in a forum where Prof. Kotler proved that Hamas has no right to receive any humanitarian aid as long as it violates international law in holding the boys. Kotler further demonstrated to the UN debate participants that anyone providing assistance to Hamas is party to violation of international law.

"We're fighting for the rights of our children, soldiers, and citizens. Those who are in Gaza are two soldiers, two citizens, a citizen of the Bedouin community, and together this is the face of the State of Israel," said Goldin, who sees the boys' return as a basis for internal change in Israeli society. "The goal is not the important thing but the way we connect with the people of Israel from the right place of trust, faithfulness, and mutual responsibility. When we learn to act in accordance with international law and human rights, we'll know how to act in other matters arising from the same place."

Before reiterating her call to form a woman's fighting force to return the boys, Goldin stated that "this is a test case for our leadership. This is our existence. There is terror against families here. There is a toolbox we brought to the door of all authorities. Behind every man stands a wife and now we have to combine all our forces together to bring about the return of the boys."