Smotrich, Bennett, Shaked
Smotrich, Bennett, ShakedFlash 90

MK Ayelet Shaked today spoke to 103FM about the flattering polls and her party's positioning as a governmental alternative; and explained the refusal to support MK Moshe Ya'alon as Netanyahu's successor, albeit temporary.

Shaked stressed in her opening remarks the three things that are important for Yamina to promote: "We're a Rightist party, we keep our identity, but I definitely think the three things that are important to us are important to many people without associating them with Right and Left, that is the war on coronavirus, rehabilitating the economy after the destruction that this government imposed on us, and uniting the people. These three things are important and I think people can put aside both Right and Left issues and focus on all three."

She says: "Any similarity between a Right-leaning government and Netanyahu is purely coincidental, because he formed a coalition with Blue and White, sold all the Rightist values ​​to the Left bloc - the Justice Ministry, Defense, the Negev Settlement Authority; the one who dictates the ideological tone of this failing government is the Left. I hope that after the public sees that Netanyahu himself dismantled the Right-leaning bloc, they won't be deceived by this illusion."

On the refusal to form an alternative government led by MK Moshe Ya'alon, the former minister said: "We don't take one bad, dysfunctional government and replace it with another bad, dysfunctional government; we have great citizens and they deserve a great government. A government that relies on the votes of the Joint Arab List and in every Knesset vote it needs the votes of the Joint Arab List is not a government in which we are willing to be part. I was Justice Minister who did the most for the Arab sector, I strongly believe in coexistence. But their representatives in the Knesset, most of them, do not believe in the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state and we are willing to be partners only with Zionist parties."

MK Shaked sharply criticized the government's functioning, saying: "The current government has failed in almost every area. We can do it differently, manage it properly, lead it properly. The public deserves a different leadership and Bennett can be an excellent prime minister; he can form an excellent, functioning and cohesive government and we do not now belong to one camp or another."

Later, she referred to continued cooperation with MK Betzalel Smotrich: "People need to get out of their stigmas - I'm sure that every Leftist in the State of Israel will be very happy if Betzalel Smotrich becomes Transport Minister. He is a serious executive, he's made decisions that are free from political considerations."