EdelsteinFlash 90

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein visited Ziv Hospital in Tzfat today and said that this coming Sunday "quite a few businesses will return to activity."

According to him, the businesses to be opened are "people who have it very difficult, who have been without a livelihood for several weeks. Hairdressers, beauticians, personal trainers, and driving instructors.

"The principle is simple: Those who work one-on-one will be able to return to activity, and that includes all the complementary medicine that many of us need. I very much hope that we'll be able to meet the goals and continue to reduce morbidity."

Edelstein noted that a slow exit from the lockdown preserves the Israeli economy: "Adventurism is from the devil," he stressed. "The numbers are no longer falling and we're following with concern and trying to make the exit from the lockdown careful, so we avoid a third lockdown.

"On Thursday there will be another discussion around other things in the economy such as trade and B&Bs, but I suggest everyone be careful. We'll check all the data and indices seven times before we do any more openings."

Edelstein commented on the return to school in grades 1-4, "I am happy to announce to the children of young parents that after a fairly long break, the children will be able to return to school. Unfortunately we have very large classes in the education system, so I want to ask parents and all involved to cooperate to keep the children safe."

The Health Minister wished success to Prof. Nachman Ash, who was appointed coronavirus coordinator in place of Prof. Ronni Gamzu: "I thank him for agreeing to take on this challenging role and wish him much success.

"In all studies, when more than 80% of people wear a mask, there is no need for closures and restrictions. Only wearing a mask and keeping your distance can protect us," Edelstein said.