YaalonFlash 90

A deal was recently drafted in the Knesset that could put MK Moshe Ya'alon at the helm of the Israeli government.

Channel 12 News reported the move is in its infancy and it seems the one who can tip the scales is Yamina Chairman Naftali Bennett.

The plan is reportedly a constructive no-confidence vote in the government and its replacement with a government headed by Ya'alon, for a limited period.

According to the report, Ya'alon currently agrees to accept Joint Arab List support for a vote of constructive no-confidence, while Blue and White's condition is that the former IDF Chief of Staff will not run for prime minister if there is an election, and that indeed does not seem to be his direction. The one whose voice has not yet been heard is Yesh Atid-Telem Chairman Yair Lapid, who sees himself as a candidate for prime minister.

Yamina responded at the end of Shabbat: "We will not be partners in a putsch or dark political exercises with the support of Hiba Yazbek.

"You don't replace bad with worse. We must go to elections and replace the failed Netanyahu-Gantz government with a new, broad, and vigorous government headed by Naftali Bennett that will take care of coronavirus, the economy, and reconciling the divisions among the people."