Protest against Islamophobia
Protest against IslamophobiaPhyllis Chesler
“I have not committed any crime in the performance of my duties”.

These are the words that Samuel Paty had deposited at the police station four days before he was beheaded by an Islamist. Yes, he had gone to the police. He was left alone, Samuel.

He had to be protected. Instead the terrorist even exchanged messages with one of the parents of Samuel's students.

Someone will have to apologize to his son, a five-year-old boy.

He was sold, Samuel Paty. The Islamic terrorist did not know what the teacher he was to kill looked like. So Abdoullah Anzarov asked some students to point out who he was in exchange for money.

“Who is Samuel Paty? I'll give you a hundred euros if you tell me”, showing them the money. Four students got paid. So the terrorist was able to behead him.

He was exposed to public mockery, Samuel Paty, by some parents who wanted to get rid of him, who had sent cowardly emails to the school denouncing his “Islamophobia” and they had invited people to demonstrate against him.

Samuel Paty was persecuted by imams who had gone to protest on video in front of the school. A video which had also been shown at the Grand Mosque of Pantin, outside Paris.

“Islamophobia” is the new fatwa.

Samuel Paty, they did not deserve you, you were sold by your country that has long sold itself for a barrel of oil and that has paid for this state of war in return for a creeping defeat that it calls “peace.” You are part of the price.

Before Samuel Paty, there was Hervé Cornara, an entrepreneur beheaded by an Islamist, his head stuck in a wire mesh. There had been Jean-Baptiste Salvaing and Jessica Schneider, two policemen slaughtered in front of their children. There had been Jacques Hamel, a priest slaughtered during a morning mass.

And the little Miriam Monsonego, in Toulouse, who was shot in the eyes because she was Jewish.- to mention just one of the many Jews slaughtered by these “new French”.

We will pay dearly, we will pay for everything. I feel great sadness at the thought of the Europe in which my children and grandchildren will live.