Gantz and Esper
Gantz and EsperShmulik Almani

A senior security official said tonight following the signing of an agreement in the United States between Defense Minister Benny Gantz and US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper that it is a very important agreement, and that "the very fact that it took place before the US election, when it comes to an agreement that is signed and approved once every four years, is of great importance."

According to sources who participated in the conversation, Israel will receive armaments, more fighter jets, and the discussion about the v22 helicopter that Israel wanted to purchase will continue.

The source added: "This is a quick visit that ends three weeks' work that guarantees our benefits. That's it. It's a very good situation for the Americans who want to sell weapons and us who want to buy them."

"There will be more arms deals and it is important to continue the qualitative military edge. This is not the end of the discussions and the connections between us are very dynamic. The qualitative edge of the State of Israel will be maintained," concludes the source.