cleaning the Little Western Wall
cleaning the Little Western Wallno credit

At the initiative of Jerusalem and Heritage Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz, the Kotel Ha-Katan, or 'Little Western Wall,' has been thoroughly cleaned.

The Kotel Ha-Katan is located north of the Western Wall plaza, next to the Iron Gate, and is a place of worship for many as it is one of the closest points to the Holy of Holies where Jews can pray freely.

Despite the many visitors, the site was neglected and the level of cleanliness was poor. Following an assessment of the situation, Minister Peretz ordered a cleansing of the site to be conducted so that the place would be worthy of the prayers which are held there.

For the first time since the Six Day War, the site was thoroughly cleaned of the mountains of garbage which had piled up. Later, the site will be upgraded and prepared to be a central place of worship in the Old City.

Rabbi Rafi Peretz said: "Israeli sovereignty must be exercised throughout Jerusalem. The Kotel Ha-Katan is an important place of prayer and is a step from the Temple Mount and the Holy of Holies. We will continue to develop and make the place accessible and worthy of prayer and visitation."

ניקוי יסודי בכותל הקטן