Yossi Dagan, Hava-Etty Atia, and Yael Shevach
Yossi Dagan, Hava-Etty Atia, and Yael Shevach Roi Hadi

MK Hava-Etty Atia (Likud) toured Samaria Thursday with Samaria Regional Council chairman Yossi Dagan. During the tour she visited the community of Havat Gilad and met with the residents.

The founders of Havat Gilad, Itai and Bat Tzion Zir, as well as Yael Shevach - the widow of Rabbi Raziel Shevach, told MK Atia about the distress the residents feel at not being connected to the national electrical and water grids.

"Here at Havat Gilad, I join the call to immediately connect the young communities to the electricity and water. It is impossible and inhumane for the residents not to have humanitarian conditions," Atia said. "There are ten thousand residents in the young communities, in Havat Gilad, Havat Yair and more, who, like everyone else, deserve humanitarian rights. They are no less than Givat Shmuel and Kfar Saba."

Samaria Regional Council chairman Yossi Dagan said: "The demand to connect electricity and water to the young localities is not just to do justice for over ten thousand residents living in those young localities, it is a very moral demand and no matter if you are right or left, any moral person who has a little conscience In his heart should be revolted that in 2020 there are those who are worth more, those who are worth less and those who are not worth anything at all."

"It cannot be that people who live in the young communities, Havat Gilad, Havot Yair, Maoz Tzvi, in so many places in Judea and Samaria, that they are the first in terms of debts to the state, but when it comes to rights they are last," he added,

Dagan thanked MK Atia "for coming here for a professional and serious visit to learn about this, and I am sure that with your help we can eliminate this injustice and I am sure we will reach the goal of the minimum that in 2020 there will be electricity and water for the country's citizens."

MK Atia's visit comes after a family's home was destroyed in a fire which resulted from the community of Havat Gilad not being connected to the Israel Electric Company grid despite repeated promises on the matter.