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A Moroccan blogger is being persecuted and threatened by establishment media in her country due to her consistent pro-Israel writing.

Jacky Hugi spoke Thursday morning on The Galei Tzahal Morning News Edition with Efi Triger to Chama Darchoul, a great supporter of relations with Israel.

Darchoul demands that her government strengthen its relations with the Jewish community in Morocco, and restore the Israeli diplomatic mission that operated in Rabat.

Among her many attackers are media outlets supported by Moroccan intelligence.

Speaking from Morocco, she told Galei Tzahal: "When I first visited Israel, they slandered me and threatened to kill me, but I was not afraid. This time I'm scared."

"I closed my Facebook page, and opened it after a month. There are many in Morocco who are very curious to know about Israel, but they are afraid to ask lest they be accused of normalization. They even persecute the right to know."