Gila Gamliel
Gila Gamliel Spokesman

The IDF suspects that military personnel penetrated the epidemiological test database and leaked the file of Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel, as revealed this morning on Kan News.

The suspicion arose during an audit conducted by the Health Ministry at Alon Headquarters.

The IDF Spokesman responded: "This is an unusual and serious incident. The issue will be thoroughly investigated by the Home Front Commander. After the investigation is completed and in accordance with its findings, command measures will be taken against those involved."

This week, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit ordered an end to the investigation into Minister Gamliel's case, because although she reportedly prayed in Tiberias, the computer software showed that she was in Tel Aviv because she lived there.

The Attorney General's investigation into Minister Gamliel's case began after inquiries received at the Attorney General's Office alleged that Minister Gamliel, who tested COVID-19 positive, violated the restrictions that applied during the Yom Kippur period, and did not tell the truth to the Health Ministry in the latest epidemiological investigation. The latter claim, the more serious, was examined by the Attorney General.

As part of an investigation conducted by the cyber unit of the State Attorney's Office, headed by Dr. Chaim Wismonski, materials were received from the Health Ministry, including concrete information from the medical entity that conducted the epidemiological investigation into Minister Gamliel.

After examining the matter, the Attorney General's Office recommended, with the opinion of the Deputy State Attorney for Criminal Affairs Shlomo Lemberger, that there is no room for further investigation in the matter, because the findings of the investigation show that there is no basis for a false report. This position was also joined by the head of investigations and Deputies Attorney General Raz Nizri and Amit Merri.

The Attorney General accepted the recommendation and stated that the findings presented to him show that the Minister fully cooperated and provided true facts as they were, and therefore, there was no reason to further investigate the matter.

Gamliel violated the closure instructions while on Yom Kippur in Tiberias while living in Tel Aviv. She later tested coronavirus positive.

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