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Officer Peter Yaakov,30, was killed Wednesday morning after his motorcycle slipped on Tchernikovsky Street in Haifa.
Medics provided him with medical treatment and evacuated him to Rambam Hospital while performing resuscitation operations, but he was later pronounced dead.

The officer served as officer for volunteers at Tirat Carmel station. The investigation shows that it was a self-inflicted accident, with the reason for the motorcycle slipping unclear.

A senior MDA paramedic, Chai Takatch, said: ""The man lay on the side of the road several meters from the motorcycle, unconscious, without pulse and not breathing, suffering from a serious head injury. We immediately started giving him medical treatment and performing advanced resuscitation operations on him that included massages, assisted breathing and medication. We put him in an intensive care ambulance and evacuated him to the hospital while continuing to perform resuscitation operations. "
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