Prof. Martin Kulldorff is a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. He is an expert on infectious disease outbreaks. As a biostatistician, he has developed methods for the early detection and monitoring of disease outbreaks, currently used by many public health departments for COVID-19 and other diseases. He has also developed methods for the early detection of drug and vaccine adverse events.

Kulldorff's main research area is to develop and apply statistical methods for disease surveillance. He has significantly contributed to the development of statistical and epidemiological methods for the early identification of disease outbreaks and side effects of vaccines and drugs. His methods are used in the monitoring of COVID-19 in the USA and other countries and he has also participated in the Swedish COVID-19 debate.

His methods and software for scan statistics are well-cited and are used in several disciplines to discover geographical clusters and assess whether they are due to chance or not. Researchers at Umeå University have, for example, used the methods for studies in demography, pediatrics, geriatrics and infectious diseases (including rabbit fever and malaria).

Kulldorff is a member of the Food and Drug Administration's scientific council for drug safety and risk management. He is also a member of the Center for Disease Control's scientific committee for evaluating side effects after COVID-19 vaccination.