Minister Merav Cohen
Minister Merav CohenKnesset Spokesperson

The Knesset’s Regulatory committee is convening today to discuss the “Economic Violence” law that is being advanced by a number of government ministries whose portfolios are held by the Blue & White party – the Ministries of Social Equality and Justice – and the Labor party – Welfare and Social Services.

The new legislation defines what constitutes economic violence within a family setting, and makes it a civil offense. It also determines that the courts will be able to issue “orders to prevent economic violence” and will have the power to grant financial restitution to its victims. The legislation will also enable women to access information from banks and credit card companies that their partners are concealing from them.

MK Betzalel Smotrich (Yamina) attacked the proposed legislation, saying: “The progressive left knows exactly how to insert its insane worldview into the public discourse in an extremely cunning manner. The Ministers of Social Equality and Justice have let the cat out of the bag. Now we know that the Justice Ministry has issued directives not to take action against women who submit false accusations in this area.”

קרעי: חוק מסוכן

Smotrich added that, “There is no doubt that there exist unhealthy relationships between partners, just as there are both women and men who cause economic damage to their families – but I don’t agree that the court should be the body to intervene. And I notice that all those supporting this law are the same people who want to break down the distinction between the genders. The real aim of this law is to destroy the family unit,” he alleged.

MK Shlomo Karhi (Likud) added that, “This is a dangerous law that will be buried here at committee stage. The campaign to prevent violence within the family is something that is not a matter of dispute. We have to fight it with determination and severely punish those found guilty. But what we are dealing with here is something else entirely. Now that the judicial fanatics have gained control over our democracy, [Justice Minister] Nissenkorn is attempting to embed judicial overreach deep within the family unit and destroy the natural balance inherent in family life. This law is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We’re talking about legal insanity that will destroy families, overwhelm the justice system, and turn loving family relationships into rigid legal structures. Even arguments about pocket money could end up in the courts. Instead of father and mother, the judge will rule the family. Together with all the Likud members of the Regulatory committee, I will vehemently oppose this legislation.”

ח"כ אריאל קלנר נגד חוק "אלימות כלכלית"ערוץ כנסת

Meanwhile, Minister for Social Equality MK Merav Cohen (Blue & White), who advanced the legislation, said during the committee’s discussion: “The message we want to give to women is that you should hold your heads high – we’re behind you. We want to protect all women who live in constant economic terror. If a woman’s partner blocks her access to a credit card and gives her a monthly allowance, this is economic terror. If her partner records debts in the woman’s name and puts the family’s income into a separate bank account, this is economic terror. If a woman’s partner threatens that if she dares to separate from him, he will bury her under debts, this is economic terror. If a woman’s partner prevents her from going out to work in order that she should be one hundred percent dependent on him, this is economic terror. All these things are what this law comes to eradicate,” she asserted.