Black Lives Matter protest
Black Lives Matter protestISTOCK

When the mind is at loggerheads with identity it leaves people at sixes and sevens. Behaviour goes one way, thoughts another, and words head north-north-west.

It takes a political campaign to bring out how completely scatterbrained the Woke, Harvard alumni and all, can be.

George Orwell, who lived before Woke was heard of, beheld the chasm between intellect and common sense. “Some ideas,” he said, “are so stupid that only intellectuals would believe them.” And there was the Oxford don who, the story goes, put down a colleague. “On the surface he’s profound, but deep down he’s superficial.” Add, ‘intellectually dishonest’ and the educated fools who identify as Woke are kitted out. Self deception, contradiction and idiocy are in their every policy, act and concern.

Wokes don’t vote for their candidate’s policies. They vote against a rival’s character.
Wokes don’t vote for their candidate’s policies. They vote against a rival’s character. Biden has no policies other than ones he plagiarised from the Trump card, or adopts on the trot according to the prevailing wind; or keeps for after being elected such as fracking or packing the Supreme Court, or policies at cross-purpose, such as pro-lockdown and pro-job creation.

The belief that all whites have systemic racism in their DNA contrasts with Wokes pinning their hopes on a white Biden and his Vice running mate with her white husband.

The Woke mind can’t think straight.

Contrast the straight thinking of Conservatives. They vote for policies not for character. They don’t look for “Mr. nice guy” in their leaders. In politics there are hardly any, and in any case being Mr. Nice is a hindrance for a leader more than a help. It means nothing for the country if a candidate is rude, ill-mannered and caustic. He can be the biggest jackass but who cares provided he is pro-law and order, pro-constitution, pro-Israel, anti-Iran, pro-liberty, pro-freedom of speech, pro-religion.

Those who think straight cast their lot with the covenant not the king.

Woke people, were their veins opened, would bleed chaos and falsehood. Intellectual rot is inevitable when your identity as a Woke is a lie. Fact is, the word was appropriated from the black vernacular – a most unwoke thing to do. ‘Stay woke’ had been a watchword of the early black consciousness movement. It meant ‘wake up to a new reality; be alert to the deceptions of white people.’

Then Ferguson happened. In 2014 Michael Brown was shot dead by a policeman in Ferguson Missouri. The incident proved to be the catalyst to fire up ‘stay woke’ from a watchword to a war cry. The BLM movement took the Brown incident and ran with it. BLM made the martyr into a flaming fountainhead to stand for police brutality and anti-black bias of criminal justice.

The problem was and is that Michael Brown’s as much a martyr of police brutality and targeting as the police killing a Latino drug lord would be. He was a violent 19-year-old black who left a policeman with no other course but to shoot him dead. Hands up in surrender and “Don’t shoot” never happened. The lie turned into a creed which turned into a radical anthem.

As Thomas Sowell asked, “If your concern is fairness and social justice, what is your ‘fair share’ of what someone else has worked for?”
Yet the Wokes purloined it. And they parked some beloved concepts on a Ferguson crime that never happened. Six years later to be Woke is to be a staunch advocate of ‘social justice’ and ‘systemic racism’– or to preen the ego to feel you are woke. The latter concept is not evidence-based. The former concept is a contradiction in terms. Justice cannot be qualified or it is not justice for all but someone’s idea of it for a group. As Thomas Sowell asked, “If your concern is fairness and social justice, what is your ‘fair share’ of what someone else has worked for?”

The fact that woke Democrats can’t think straight is that simple. You cannot build truth and rational thought on a foundational lie. Being deficient in skills of critical thought was always on the cards after Wokes appropriated a black omelette and made a scrambled egg from it.

The scatterbrained Woke Democrat who votes Biden is the real threat to America.

The Clinton-Obama axis that controls the Biden puppet is the wannabe dictator.

A rude and crass President Trump believes America is great and wants to preserve it that way. The right Presidential material boils down to nothing more complicated than that.