Likud Approves Unified Knesset List With Yisrael Beytenu (archive)
Likud Approves Unified Knesset List With Yisrael Beytenu (archive)Flash 90

For the first time since the establishment of national institutions more than a century ago, a Right-leaning coalition was formed within national institutions, "Melukadim".

The Zionist institutions include the Jewish Agency, the JNF, the Zionist Histadrut, and the Keren Hayesod. These organizations lead extensive activities in Israeli society and Jewish communities around the world and have managed budgets of billions of shekels of the Jewish People for generations.

Over the past year, the Likud movement, led by Shevach Stern, David Tzviel, and Vichy Merling, has led negotiations with MK Miki Zohar to achieve a Right-leaning majority within the institutions to form a Right-leaning coalition.

The intra-Likud coalition was formed in cooperation with dozens of Likud activists, eventually leading to the signing of an historic agreement last Friday all Rightist parties. Among the parties that signed: the Likud, the Mizrahi, Shas, the Holy Land (the movement in the United States of Torah Judaism) and Yisrael Beyteinu.

שבח שטרן
שבח שטרןיוני קמפינסקי

The implications of the agreement include filling senior positions in the organization by the Right-leaning parties and the budgeting various national goals - unlike conduct to date.

First, the JNF will be transferred to the Likud, and in an agreement reached, MK Chaim Katz is expected to serve as JNF Chairman in about two years for three years.

Second, a Judea and Samaria desk in the JNF will be established in addition to additional areas in the country. To date, Judea and Samaria has not existed in the regional division of districts in the JNF. The JNF's Finance Committee will also be in the hands of the Likud.

"Melukadim" Chairman Shevach Stern said, "From the beginning, we set a number of goals in our involvement in this election campaign and we are glad we did. I thank MKs Mickey Zohar and Chaim Katz, our partners in the historic move and my many Melukadim members and activists."

The Fifth World Zionist Congress is expected to convene next Tuesday to approve the agreement.