A rabbi was attacked just outside his synagogue in San Diego on Saturday, ABC News San Diego reported.

Rabbi Yonatan Halevy, the rabbi of the Shiviti Congregation in the University City neighborhood, said that the attack was the latest in a series of incidents in which a group of teenagers have harassed him and his congregants.

Rabbi Halevy had moved synagogue services to a different location in order to allow for enough space to maintain social distancing during the coronavirus crisis. However, they soon learned that a group of youths frequently caused trouble on the property. The teens soon began to single out the congregation for harassment.

"Every day they come by here, taunt us, throwing bottles at us, sitting on our roof blasting music, and then breaking a window to my van," Rabbi Halevy said. "Last but not least, what happened on Saturday."

The rabbi said that he had been walking with his father when one of the teenagers hit him over the head and called him a racial slur for African Americans while shouting a white power slogan.

Rabbi Halevy called the police, who arrived 45 minutes later. Police are now investigating the attack as a hate crime.

"I felt very scared, definitely unsafe for the first time in my life in this neighborhood," Rabbi Halevy said.

Rabbi Halevy stated that he wants to track down the teenagers' parents and inform them of what their children have been doing.