The Netanyahus
The NetanyahusAvi Ohayon/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu published a post on his Facebook page Tuesday afternoon in which he attacked the Ynet website for an article on the vehicle used by his wife Sarah.

"What does Fake News look like? Here is a fresh example from today, while I am in discussions this morning about our strategy to get out of the corona crisis," Netanyahu began.

"First, a false headline is published on the Ynet website: 'Especially for Sarah Netanyahu: a new armored vehicle costing more than a million shekels.' Shortly afterwards, the Shabak shattered the false headline with an official statement: 'This is not a new vehicle purchased for the prime minister's wife's security detail. This is one of a series of vehicles ordered 3 years ago, designed to replace a fleet of armored vehicles for VIPs. This is a professional decision by the Shabak and the Prime Minister's Office's defense division. Those who are protected have no say in the decision-making on the matter.'

"The balloon burst within an hour, but the damage had already been done," the prime minister stated. He noted, "I do not even expect them to apologize."

"The left-wing media is once again blackening the name and spilling the blood of my wife Sarah, as it has been doing every day for more than 20 years," he said.

"I do not know many people who have faced such a terrible ordeal for years, but I know very well that the public already knows how to distinguish between truth and falsehood," he added.

"My beloved wife, Sarah, I appreciate you for your steadfast stand in the face of the persecution and lies of the media. Thank you for the fact that despite everything, you continue to do only good for all the citizens of Israel and for our family," Netanyahu signed.