Youth attack Ohad Hamu
Youth attack Ohad Hamu Channel 12 News

During filming for an article for Channel 12 News, several Arabs beat a 'hilltop youth' who was arguing with them and tried to prevent their presence in an olive grove.

A few minutes later, the boys attacked the Arabs there with stones, including Channel 12 News reporter Ohad Hemu.

Binyamin, a 'hilltop youth' who lives in Oz Tzion, told Arutz Sheva his side of the story. As visible in Channel 12 News' footage, during a verbal argument between the youths and the Arabs, the Arabs began to attack Binyamin, and knocked him to the floor.

"We sat in the Beit Midrash and prayed," Binyamin told Arutz Sheva. "We saw about 11 vehicles coming from the direction of the village to the hill. We went down to them quickly to see what it was. They started walking towards the orchards. Lots of Leftists, lots of Arabs, Channel 12 News. There were lots of Arabs with shirts tied on their faces.

"We came to them right away, we went down, two guys, to see what was going on. We talked to them. I argued with them that this was my land, I told them they would only come with the army because we don't want friction here. Right away they started surrounding me, I started to get scared."

The verbal argument between him and the Arabs was conducted in shouts, with the parties approaching each other in a threatening manner, but at this point without physical contact.

Suddenly one of the Arabs pushed him and his friends started beating him. "They jumped on me, 3 Arabs," he said. "One bear-hugged me and grabbed my hands, and ran with me towards the village. It was an abduction attempt. Three Arabs grabbed me, started running with me towards the village quickly. They dropped me there on a terrace, and attacked me, with punches in the face.

"I was full of scratches, even on my back," he said. "I was beaten. We called the army at the beginning of the incident. They calmed the group down, straight away everyone, and kept the Arabs away and we went back up immediately."

After the incident, the youths threw stones at Channel 12 News reporter Ohad Hemu, as part of a segment for the Main Edition to be broadcast tonight.

Channel 12 News stated: '' As part of filming an article for the Main Edition that will be broadcast tonight, Keshet news correspondent Ohad Hemu was attacked with stones by several settlers. He is in good condition, he does not need medical treatment."

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