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Politically correct culture set out with the goal of society being more sensitive to other cultures, sexes, religions, and races. The progressive left has missed the mark of what was intended and instead overreached and became even more racist and intolerant. They did this by implementing identity politics into the mainstream.

As a society we allowed progressives to run amok. They are allowing anyone who they deem to be “oppressed” say bigoted, vile things and spread hateful rhetoric.This intolerant behavior and racism has been, more than often not, directed towards the Jewish community.

Dinesh D’Souza talks about the West’s new concept of Identity socialism. He explains that in the 1980’s socialism in the East failed, while socialism in the West was on the rise; except, it was a new form of socialism. This new socialism was based on bigger government, entitlement programs,and is religious/anti-religious in nature.

D’Souza described, in an interview on Falkirk Center, how western socialism takes Marx’s ideas a few steps further and introduces identity politics. Now instead of class warfare - workers vs the rich - we have race warfare, gender warfare, sexual orientation warfare, and immigration warfare. He went further on to say, “Their rhetoric of inclusion and tolerance is actually intolerant. When you include groups, you have to find a group who is exploiting them and go after that group. The object of hatred is the white heterosexual male.”

The other group of their hate is the Jew. The scapegoating of the Jew is not exactly a new concept.

A recent example of this is an incident in a Boca Ration Floridian school where board members voted and ultimately decided to rehire and reinstate a school Principal, William Latson, who insisted that he was neutral on whether the Holocaust actually happened. He will be receiving back pay to the tune of $152,000.

The incident stems from an email exchange with a parent of a student where Latson wrote, “I can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event because I am not in the position to do so as a school district employee. You have your thoughts, but we are a public school and not all of our parents have the same beliefs.”

The Holocaust is a historical fact, six million Jews died at the hands of the Nazis and their allies. Imagine a world where a white school principal said that they could not comment on slavery as a historical event because some parents didn’t agree that it happend. The entire country would be outraged, rightfully so. This is where the double standard and failure of identity politics and the PC culture comes to the forefront. The progressive left has appropriated this guilt of racism and hatred for past historical events, all of which are truly terrible, but they allow current racism and bigotry because of it.

When it comes to the Jewish community, most people are choosing to remain silent. Laura Loomer is not most people. Laura has always been outspoken when others refuse. A Jew herself, she stepped up and put out a press release stating how wrong this decision is. The press release stated;

“You cannot be a taxpayer-funded educator and express ahistorical, counterfactual claims that are better suited to a Louis Farrakhan sermon than a public school classroom. Does Latson still believe the Holocaust never happned? Has he committed to keeping these opinions to himself in the future, if he is reinstated? Is he going to apologize for his past remarks? Has anyone even asked him any of these questions?”

These are all pertinent questions that the board needs to ask and about which they have to decide. A judge may have made a decision about Latson’s termination, but ultimately the school needs to stand up and be willing to take up a counter-suit for the rights of Jews and others within their district. Instead, they held a meeting and voted (4-3) to reinstate and rehire Mr. Latson. Some members, being Jewish themselves, warned against this move and explained how the precedent it would set would be dangerous to the Jewish communities. But the progressive narrative won the day.

One voice remained silent, that was the voice of Lois Frankel, the local congressional representative for this district. Lois is a part of the problem in leadership.So afraid is she that she might not say the right thing, she says nothing, choosing to perpetuate the victimization narrative that allows “oppressed “ societal minorities to deny the Holocaust without reprecussion.

Loomer’s press release emphasizes a tweet posted by Frankel that said, “To all of the #PBC teachers who have dedicated their lives to inspiring children and are spending their days juggling in person and online learning: Thank you!”

Take note, there is no mention of the terrible mendacity of William Latson’s words. In the same press release Laura Loomer follows up with a question, “If it [the tweet] wasn’t a coincidence, what did she mean by this? Someone should ask her.”

Representative Frankel, I am asking you, Jewish woman to Jewish woman; what did you mean by this innocuous message and why do you choose to remain silent about the ills of Holocaust denial and how it is affecting our commmunity? Antisemitism is on a drastic rise, yet you choose to pander to an audience that denies one of the worst atrocities to happen in modern history.”

So again, I ask,” What did you mean in your tweet?”