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An article in Haaretzclaiming that the Belzer Rebbe benefited from preferential treatment by Hadassah hospital staff when ill with the coronavirus is “fake news,” according to Hadassah hospital.

Journalist Aharon Rabinovich made the claim in an article published in Haaretz, alleging that Hadassah hospital set up an intensive care unit in the Rebbe’s home and sent its doctors to give the Rebbe round-the-clock care until he recovered.

Upon learning of the report, Hadassah hospital responded that the article was “fake news.”

“Regarding these ‘fake news’ reports that allege that Hadassah hospital set up a special intensive care unit for the Admor [of Belz] and that he was treated by a doctor who was constantly at his side, Hadassah wishes to clarify that these were untrue reports from beginning to end.

“The Admor in question was indeed treated in his home and recovered, but Hadassah did not transfer any medical equipment to his home, neither did the hospital establish an intensive care unit in his home. The articles in the Haaretz newspaper allege that the Admor had a doctor present by his side throughout his illness, but this doctor is not affiliated with Hadassah in any way.”

With regard to the issue of preferential treatment given to prominent and public figures, Prof. Gabi Barbash, former director-general of the Health Ministry, said on Tuesday morning that this was common practice and hardly exclusive to Admorim. Speaking on Kan Reshet Bet, he first noted that Hadassah has denied the allegations, and then added that in any case, “giving someone like the Admor special treatment is a good investment.”

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