Israel’s Coronavirus Cabinet is set to meet Tuesday afternoon to deliberate on the timing of the first stage of the lockdown exit strategy, including the reopening of preschools and kindergartens.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has told members of his inner circle over the past few days that he prefers to delay implementation of the first stage of the lockdown exit strategy, pushing off the easing of restrictions until the Health Ministry’s targets for declines in the coronavirus infection rate have been met.

Yet Israel’s Health Ministry currently backs moving forward with the plan to gradually reduce restrictions, starting next week.

The first stage in the exit strategy would include the reopening of kindergartens and preschools, along with most private sector businesses.

While the Coronavirus Cabinet is set to deliberate Tuesday on the timing of the plan, no decision is expected from the Cabinet until this Thursday.

The Forum of Private Kindergartens and Preschools threatened that if the government does not back the reopening of preschools, daycare centers, and kindergartens, many schools and centers will open without government approval.

“The children and their parents won’t wait for you with a stopwatch for notification at the last second. Next Sunday we’re going to open the kindergartens and preschools and let the economy get moving again.”