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The owner of a shoe store located on Allenby Street in Tel Aviv, who decided to shut down his business due to financial and health-related difficulties he encountered, on Monday took his merchandise to the street and distributed it for free to passers-by.

In a conversation with Kan 11 News, the store owner Avi Samai said, "It's just a result of despair. It’s because of the coronavirus, it’s because of the economic situation, the insecurity in the government, insecurity in the people you elected."

Samai added, "I am suffering from epilepsy. It was out of desperation that I spilled the goods onto the street for people to take. Just like that, without any prior thinking. The financial situation caused my health situation. I have been in this location for three years, and the landlord did not want to reach an agreement with me so I had to close."

"What is important for me to say is that there is no such thing as right or left anymore, it is what the state has done that has caused everyone to snipe at each other. Everyone thinks only about themselves,” he added.