Bennett Shmulik Grossman/Knesset spokesperson

Yamina chairman MK Naftali Bennett spoke at the opening of the Knesset's winter session Monday.

"Mr. Prime Minister, do you know why there is such a loss of confidence? Because you are not telling the truth. The lockdown is not a picture of victory, the lockdown is the result of failure," Bennett said.

He accused Prime Minister Netanyahu of not trusting Israel's citizens. "A lockdown is only necessary when you fail to provide good management. Countries that have performed well like Cyprus, Latvia, Taiwan and Estonia have not had another full lockdown. A lockdown is like a hammer on Israel's citizens instead of a set of tweezers for Israel's patients. A lockdown means that you have put all the citizens in jail because you fail to take control through negligence," he said.

"The lockdown is destroying a generation of entrepreneurs and business owners here. It's shattering the souls of our children. The lockdown is the antithesis of the Israeli spirit."

Bennett called on the prime minister to devise a plan that would not be built solely on severe restrictions. "Your program cannot focus on closures and rely on vaccines. We need a program that will defeat the disease without the necessity for a lockdown."

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