Balfour st. demonstration
Balfour st. demonstration Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The state informed the Supreme Court Monday evening that it does not intend to extend the special state of emergency that expires tomorrow at midnight.

The announcement was made in response to petitions filed with the Supreme Court against the coronavirus restrictions, most of which deal with restrictions on demonstrations.

The update stated that "the declaration of a special state of emergency has been extended by the government until tomorrow (13.10), and that according to what has now been reported by the Health Ministry, there is no intention to ask the government to extend the declaration of special state of emergency beyond that date."

"In addition, tomorrow at midnight, the temporary provision set forth in Regulation 24 of the Regulations Restricting Residence in the Public Space and the Restriction of Activity will also expire," the statement said.

The Movement for Quality Government responded: "The non-extension of regulations, at this time, is a waste of time in the eyes of the public, since the law authorizing the government to prevent citizens from demonstrating is a black mark in the State of Israel's law book, so it can be used tomorrow morning once again."

"The state is trying to deceive the Supreme Court, because it knows that such a law will never pass judicial review, so the Movement for Quality Government will continue to act in court to repeal this law, and on the other hand hold demonstrations across the country, and this time we will hold more. We call on all citizens to come to Rabin Square this coming Saturday evening in order to protest the most serious corruption case ever discovered in the State of Israel, which is the submarine affair," the movement said.

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