Shai Ohayon's widow
Shai Ohayon's widowHezki Baruch

The Supreme Court today heard a petition by the family of Khalil Muhammad Doikat, who murdered the late Rabbi Shai Ohayon a few weeks ago in an Islamic stabbing attack at Segula Junction in Petah Tikva.

The petition to prevent the demolition of Doikat's house was filed by the Leftist HaMoked organization.

Rabbi Ohayon's widow, Sivan, said at the entrance to the Supreme Court: "I don't want G-d forbid to hear about another terrible case as we have been and are going through. It's terrible. It's difficult. It's awful and horrible. There are no words to explain the intensities of pain and loss. My hope is that we'll be the last to endure such horrible suffering, but for that we must take action and produce deterrence.

"We must try to prevent the next terrorist. This is a moral and ethical duty towards everyone who lives here in the Land of Israel. Whoever prevents the destruction of the terrorist's home, can raise his hands and say 'our hands have not shed this blood'? I have great doubt in my heart, and not just me," she added.

Yamina MK Matan Kahane attended the hearing on the demolition: "I came here to remind the honorable judges that decisions regarding values must be made 200 meters from here, in the Knesset. In a real democracy, value decisions are made in the Knesset by elected members of the public."

Kahane emphasized: "The IDF mustn't be tied in the war against Palestinian terror. We mustn't foresake the security of our soldiers and our citizens."

Deborah Gonen, the mother of Danny Gonen, who was killed in an Islamic attack, said "the demolition of terrorist homes is an important deterrent in the war on terror. A tool used to prevent the next bereaved family. The Israeli government mustn't stop using this important tool. It's time for the Supreme Court judges to understand that their job is indeed to do justice to the murdered. Jewish blood mustn't be cheap. If the Supreme Court refuses to dispense justice in this way, we will demand that this issue be denied to the Supreme Court judges."

Herzl and Merav Hajaj, the parents of the late Lieutenant Shir who was killed in an Islamic ramming attack, said: "We, the citizens of Israel, appeal to you following the abandonment of the security of the citizens of Israel by the Supreme Court. Already many years ago, the Supreme Court abolished the deterrent measures such as deportation, revocation of residency, and more, but now it's doing everything in its power to abolish the last deterrent left against the terrorists - the demolition of houses.

"In the defense establishment, there's evidence and consensus that demolishing terrorist homes creates deterrence, that is, it prevents the murder of Jews. We demand compliance with Regulation 109 that allows a senior officer to demolish terrorist homes. This is what will prevent the murder of Israelis," Shir's bereaved parents emphasized.

Lt. Col. (res.) Boaz Kukia, the father of the late Nahal fighter Ron, who was killed in an Islamic attack in Arad, said "this is another shocking murder of a Jew and an Israeli who could have been prevented with an anti-terror package promoted by the 'Choose Life' forum. Demolition of terrorist homes is the only deterrent that exists today to fight the terrorists. The time has come for the Supreme Court to stop intervening in the fight against terrorism and the policy of punishing the terrorists and their supporters."

Hadas Mizrahi, the widow of the late Baruch, added that "the demolition of terrorist homes is the first deterrent. Every terrorist will think twice before going on a terror attack if he knows his home will be destroyed. The Supreme Court must not interfere in terrorism. There must be clear rules."

The Im Tirtzu movement, which is leading the fight against Supreme Court judicial activism, stated: "The policy of the war on terror has been expropriated by experts and elected officials and has been hijacked by the judiciary, which has no hand in the matter. The time has come for the Supreme Court to protect the citizens of Israel and not the terrorists."

Bereaved families from the Choose Life forum came to the discussion to support Sivan Ohayon and her family.

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